Pitt Lane Classic Cars

Boot lid repair Jaguar MK1 and Mk2

The bottom of the boot lid has suffered on the Jaguar Mk1. The effected area was cut out. The inner frame was also found to be rotten. We removed the effected area and fabricated a new inner frame section using a shirker and stretcher. A new outer skin section was then fabricated and welded into place. The procedure can be used for the Mk2 Jaguar.

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Jaguar Mk1 & Mk2 Body Repair

We are currently tackling the structural repairs, welding and fabrication due to rust in a Jaguar Mk1. Theses repairs are almost identical to the work that we have carried out on our Coombs modified MK2 Jaguar. With the car on the ramp it was possible to carry out a full inspection and assement of the work required. Like all Mk1 and Mk2 Jaguars, the rust usally effects the same areas. We observed that the front cross member and crows feet would need replacement. Inner and outer sills will also need to be replaced, together with all four jacking points and the two rear spring hangers. All four doors will require attention as will the boot. The first job was to remove the front sub frame on the Jaguar Mk1. Following removal the front cross member and crows feet were cut out. You will note from the pictures that this Jaguar Mk1 has also suffered with corrosion of the front chassis rails and more corrosion in the lower inner wheel arch. With all corrosion cut out new repair sections were fabricated prior to the new cross member and crows feet being fitted.

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