Restoration Services at Pitt Lane



Prior to the commencement of a restoration the car is very carefully inspected. Many photographs are taken before and during the strip down procedure. Each component is assessed and carefully labelled and stored.


Following the strip down procedure paint is then carefully removed by media blasting or chemical cleaning. The body can then be fully assessed for corrosion, accident damage and previous repairs.

The body is then jig mounted whilst the necessary repairs are carried out to ensure correct alignment and excellent panel fit. Door rubbers and exterior trim are fitted to the body-shell prior to reshaping and panel gaping.

We are fully equipped to carry out work on all types of car body construction including those built from wood, aluminium, GFRP Whilst paying particular attention to originality and detail in using both traditional and modern materials.



Many restorations are judged on panel fit and the quality of paint finish. Here at Pitt Lane we pride ourselves on a concourse quality finish achieved in our low bake oven. After careful de-greasing an epoxy primer is applied. We then use a high build polyester filler which is carefully blocked to ensure a flat finish. We then use a Spray filler primer and re-block to gain the perfect result, then a high build primer blocked / flatted down and then the final top coat, which could be a traditional cellulose or a quality solvent based paint or if required a water based paint, and then carefully machine polished to the desired finish.



Austin Healey by Pitt Lane



All mechanical components are stripped assessed, overhauled and carefully rebuilt. Engines are rebuilt to either standard or upgraded specification depending on the customers requirements.

Many other mechanical upgrades are available.



All our restorations use new or bespoke wiring looms incorporating modern connections and upgraded fuses and relays. Charging systems and starter motors can also be upgraded. Lighting systems are often improved by introducing halogen and LED lighting.

The same level of craftsmanship is applied to our concourse standard interior trim. We work with leather, wood, fabric, carpet and can even incorporate upgrades such as improved seating and inertia real seat belts.


All vehicles are given a dry weather only road test and shake down. Once we are happy with all aspects of performance and final fettling, an optional rolling road set up is available if required.


We are proud to have worked with the following marques