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Car Storage

Working alongside our storage partner, we provide comprehensive storage solutions for classic, sports, racing and project cars.

Car Storage Feature

Bespoke Check-In

From experience, we know that handwashing a car gives you time to notice details that might otherwise be overlooked. For this reason, at check-in we personally wash your car and produce a walk around video with all observations noted.

Time For A Rest

Once cleaned and documented, cars are then tucked away with a cotton cover and connected to a trickle charger to maintain battery health and electrical systems. The cars are kept in a fully insulated building with 24 hour CCTV.


Visually, not much can change if your car is stored in a dry building however, nowadays fuel can deteriorate after three months and become useless after six months. Oil, brake fluid and particularly fuel can absorb water and destroy all working components resulting in a major recommissioning program. We recognise that cars need essential exercise so with prior consent we will regularly ensure your car is in good running order.


Your car will always be ready for you to use. Ideally, we require 24 hours’ notice before collection, but where possible we will endeavour to accommodate a shorter notice period. We offer a complimentary shuttle service to and from local public transport centres and we provide a convenient drop off and collection service for a fee. 


We hold compressive cover whilst your vehicle is in our care, but you are advised to maintain your own insurance policy and inform your insurer that your vehicle is in our secure premises.

The Agreement

To ensure we are all protected and informed, we provide a simple storage agreement with a minimum three-month term to be signed in advance.

Car Storage Features

Below you will find the price guide for our car storage solutions. Should you require any additional information or have any specific requirements please contact us

Storage Standard

£ 28
per week + VAT
  • Fully insulated building
  • Protected with a cotton car cover
  • Connected to a battery conditioner
  • Only recommended for short term storage

Storage Plus

£ 37
per week + VAT
  • As per storage standard - plus:
  • Exercised on private road
  • Maintenance Servicing & MOT arranged

Additional Services

  • Covered transport- £1.50 plus VAT Per mile each way
  • Motorcycle storage- £13.50 pw
  • Air chamber storage- £11.50 pw + VAT in addition to stage costs