MG TF 1500 1955 – Chassis up restoration


The TF Midget has a fascinating history, launched on 15 October 1953, it was a facelifted TD. Fitted with the TD Mark II engine, headlights which faired into the wings, a sloping radiator grille concealing a separate radiator, and a new pressurised cooling system along with a simulated external radiator cap. The XPAG engine’s compression ratio had been increased to 8.1:1 and extra-large valves with stronger valve springs and larger carburettors increased output to 57.5 bhp at 5,500 rpm.

In mid-1954 the engine capacity was increased by 17 per cent to 1466 cc and designated XPEG. The bore was increased to 72 mm (2.8 in) and compression raised to 8.3:1 giving 63 bhp (47 kW) at 5,000 rpm and a 17 per cent increase in torque. The car was designated TF1500, and externally distinguished by a cream background enamel nameplate on both sides of the bonnet, placed just to the rear of the forward bonnet-release buttons.

Production ended at chassis number TF10100 on 4 April 1955 after 9,602 TFs had been manufactured, including two prototypes and 3,400 TF1500s. The TF was superseded by the MGA.

This MG TF 1500 was dispatched from Abingdon on the 25th March 1955 for export to the USA.

In April 1989 the vehicle was re-imported to the UK. It was treated to a chassis up restoration and conversion to RHD by Brown and Gammons, a leading MG specialist. A detailed photographic record has been kept and is available to view along with many invoices and receipts.

The car is extremely clean and presentable, driving without fault. An excellent opportunity for the enthusiast.